The Twitter Assignment

I had never understood Twitter until I was assigned to tweet twice a day for two weeks for a media writing class. I had to remind myself to do it everyday because I don’t normally update Twitter or Facebook.

I think one of the biggest consequences of this experiment was that it gave me another way to procrastinate, which is something I do not need. I did enjoy reading other people’s updates, but I probably spent too much time on the site.

The site is valuable for getting information out quickly to a large group of people. I follow major news sites, and they give out many of their headlines. It’s a good way for people to get current news when they don’t have much time to read full articles. The news sites also hope that by putting out headlines, readers will click on the link to learn more from the article.

I also learned to use a URL shortener by using Twitter, which was one of the tips in “Twitter for College Students.” I posted several links during the two weeks, and they took up a lot of my 140 characters. I used TinyURL, and it was very easy to use.

I’m glad I had this assignment because it forced me to use Twitter, which is something I should know how to use when I get a job working with the media.


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